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Establishing a retirement plan for your small business has several benefits.

  1. A retirement plan can help you attract and retain quality employees.
  2. Company contributions or matches can be deductible expenses.
  3. Participants can use the plan to save for retirement and be more financially secure.

The small business owner has a wide variety or retirement plans to choose from including a defined benefit plan, profit sharing plan, a Simple IRA, a SEP IRA or the often already familiar 401(k) plan.

We can work together to identify which plan best suits your business and then establish that plan. We can then arrange for a presentation to all employees followed by one-on-one consultations with plan participants.

The SEP IRA and the Simple IRA are generally considered the easiest retirement plan options for the small business. They are the least complicated to administer and have no IRS filing requirements.

The SEP IRA does not allow for employees to contribute to their own plan. All contributions come from the employer. This type of retirement plan is generally favored by the self-employed business owner.

For 2009 you can contribute 25% of your annual compensation up to $49,000.

For additional details review “Choosing a Retirement Plan: SEP” at the IRS website at:

The Simple IRA is for business owners with fewer than 100 employees. This plan allows for employees to contribute to their own account. The company in turn provides some sort of match.

For 2009 the Simple IRA contribution limits are:
Employee - $11,500 in 2009.  If the employee is age 50 or over, an additional “catch-up” contribution of $2,500 is also allowed.
Employer - Generally, a dollar-for-dollar match up to 3% of pay or a 2% nonelective contribution for each eligible employee. 

For additional details review “Choosing a Retirement Plan: SIMPLE IRA Plan” at the IRS website at:

Both plans have high contribution limits. For higher earning individuals, the SEP provides higher contribution limits than the Simple.

Please consult with a professional tax preparer for specific details as to how establishing a SEP IRA or Simple IRA or any other small business retirement plan would affect your tax exposure.


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