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IRA Rollover

There are several benefits to consolidating all the retirement accounts you’ve collected from different employers over the years. Whether it’s a 401(k) or a Simple IRA or a 403(b) from a nonprofit, you can consolidate all of these into an IRA Rollover.

Consolidating these different IRAs in to one IRA Rollover account can simplify your life and help you better track your investments.

When you leave a company, you typically loose control over your account. As a former employee you seldom have authorization to make any changes to your existing investment allocation. Consolidating your accounts using an IRA Rollover lets you take control of these investments. By taking control of these accounts you have more investment options. Not only that but without this control, you typically cannot adjust or rebalance your investment allocation based on market conditions or a shift in your financial situation or investment objectives.

Traditional IRA vs Roth IRA

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Spousal IRA

To make an IRA contribution you typically need to have earned income from some kind of employment, but the Spousal IRA is an exception. The Spousal IRA can help a spouse who is finishing school, taking care of the children or an ailing parent, save for retirement even if they have no earned income or very minimal income.

IRA for your income earning child

Babysitting, managing a paper route, the summer job. These are all income producing activities. A parent can open an IRA account on behalf of their child if that family can document that the child has earned income. Please note that an allowance is not considered income. When every penny really can and does add up, even the smallest IRA contribution for a child under 18 can compound over time. Just imagine if you could get your child into the habit of saving for retirement when retirement is half a century away.

Roth IRA Conversions

The following smartmoney.com article provides a discussion of why you should or should not convert your IRA to a Roth.

Before making any final decisions, you should consult with a professional tax preparer to review the tax consequences.


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